Jason Floyd


The role of city government is to provide residents the best possible environment for creation of individual, social and economic prosperity. To accomplish this the City must:

• Revise its tax structure to retain existing businesses and attract new commercial
A quick survey of its many vacant and dilapidated leaseholds, shows the City to be an
inefficient, ineffective land-lord.

• City controlled lands not otherwise used for delivery of services (i.e. Facilities and
Transportation), should be measured against the 2016 Comprehensive Plan and
commercially sold, especially if no clearly specified development plan for the property
While some City leaseholders who have done business from the same location for many years are not allowed to purchase the land under their building; other newer leaseholders have been allowed to purchase city property, sometimes adjacent to those businesses who have been denied the same opportunity.

• Opportunity for prosperity should be available to all Kenai residents and business
owners. Cronyism and side-dealing must end.

Just as a rising-tide raises all boats, so does an improved business environment raise the individual, social and economic opportunities for all.

When elected to the Kenai City Council I will fight for a more creative, transparent, friendlier City Hall.


From Candidate Statement filed with Kenai City clerk’s office

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Glenese Pettey


As a member of the Kenai City Council, it will be my goal to faithfully represent the interests of the citizens of Kenai. When considering issues affecting you and our city, I will always conside the budget and what is best for Kenai.

I have been privileged to be part of the fabric of Kenai for over 26 years. My husband and Iraised our children in Kenai, and I have participated in many community activities and cityfunctions, including being on the nominating committee for HEA Board Members, as acommissioner for the Planning and Zoning for the City of Kenai, acting treasurer of KenaiQuilting Guild, and numerous fund raising events.

Kenai has been such a part of my life; it would be my honor to serve the citizens of Kenai as acouncil member.


From Candidate Statement filed with Kenai City clerk’s office

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Bob McIntosh


Here are some of the issues I will work for:

Term limits for city council and Mayor.
Tax or spending cap with changes approved by voters.
Public meeting formats to encourage citizen participation.
Use of technology to encourage public participation and to better inform public.
Community Council of residents to advice council.
Planning and Zoning Commission that is responsive to neighborhood residents.
Outdoor Event Park – is now the time? Let voters decide.
Neighborhood buffer zones should be maintained, not developed.
Do we want to be funding nonprofits?
No urban sprawl along Spur Highway.
Annual review and update of Comprehensive Plan with involvement of residents.

For details see bobforkenai.com/pamphlet

Email bob4kenai@gmail.com

Phone 907-953-7995


From Candidate Statement filed with Kenai City clerk’s office

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Christine A. Hutchison


As a Candidate for a Kenai City Council position, I believe it is important for each of us to be involved somehow in our government to keep ourselves and the people around us informed. Thereby, those people might be inspired to become equally informed and involved themselves.

Involvement in the government in Washington seems impossible, but since all government is local: City Councils and Commissions and Service Area Boards are a good place to start.

There are several issues in the City of Kenai that might bear a better understanding:
1. The policy of sale vs. lese for sale of airport property;
2. Ways to promote growth of our business community;
3. Zoning for previously nonexistent easements; and
4. Park with theatre construction and an eroding bluff nearby.

As President Ronald Reagan said,

 Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t
pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and
handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years
telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United
States where men were free.


From Candidate Statement filed with Kenai City clerk’s office

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Jim Glendening

jimYou can count on me to be accessible, effective and committed to the future growth of Kenai. My experiences in oil field operations, small business ownership, serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, for both the Borough and City, volunteering for various ommunity organizations, has well prepared me for the office of City Council Member.

I have lived, worked and raised my family here. I understand the issues and challenges facing our community. I am eager to listen, think positive and plan ahead for responsible growth.

• Good Budget Management/Protecting Essential Public Services

• Continue Developing Long Term Solutions For Personal Use Fisheries

• Complete Bluff Stabilization Project

• Foster Airport Growth and Improvements, Fair Program for Land Sales, Leases or Retention.

• Market Our City by Encouraging A Friendly Small Business Environment

• Support Our Senior Citizens, Youth and Veterans Services

• You and I deserve a city we can be proud of, a city that is moving forward and ready to face challenges.

• We need a city with strong leaders. I am up to the task, and will devote my time to service for the citizens of Kenai.

I ask for your vote on October 4th



From Candidate Statement filed with Kenai City clerk’s office

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