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Comprehensive Plan

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?


“The Comprehensive Plan provides a vision for the future, and it provides the legal basis for zoning, land use regulations, permitting, and all land use decisions made by the City.”


Comprehensive Plan 2003 – This is the plan that was passed in 2003. It is the one currently in effect.

2013 Kenai Comp Plan Final 5.15.13 – This is the plan that the voters rejected in 2013. This is what the city will be starting with.


2016 Kenai Comprehensive Plan Update Process Diagram This is the proposed schedule of meetings. Presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission at theit January 27th meeting by City Manager Rick Koch.




During his report at the January 6th Council Meeting, the city manager asked for direction from council about proceding with the Comprehensive Plan, since it has been two years since the voters rejected the 2013 plan. The two ideas were:

  1. Go back and start with the 2003 plan or
  2. Start with the rejected 2013 plan

Mayor Porter, Mr. Knactsted. Mr. Gabriel. and Mr. Navarre voted to start with the 2013 plan. Mr. Molloy, Mr. Bookey, and Mr. Boyle voted to start with the 2003 plan.

So the rejected 2013 plan it is.  We need to keep a eye on this. I personally think that, considering what happened in 2013, whatever they do should automatically go to the voters for final approval.

I will, if the administration cooperates, keep you updated on the process.



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